Candidate FAQs

Q.  I am a recent graduate and have never worked with a Recruiter before. How can you assist me in my search?
A.  At ML&A we love working with New Grads. Our many testimonials will attest to our competance in assisting you to find a great position in the career of your choice. Our experience ensures that we open the door to that job you have your eye on. We assist you with every step of the process, from submitting your resume to setting up appointments for interview.

Q.  What is the cost of this service to me?
A.  Our candidates do not pay for our service. The client pays us to assist them in finding the perfect candidate for their vacant position.

Q.  What are the most common mistakes to avoid during an interview?
A.  Here are just a few common sense pointers: Always arrive on time or a little early. Some companies will have you fill out a company application form before your interview so give yourself at least a fifteen minute window to do that before you are taken to your interview. Be appropriately dressed. Your cell phone should be turned OFF. Do not take drinks into an interview with you. Do not badmouth your previous employer. Do not bring up the question of compensation.